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In 2013, skin disease diagnosis and treatment cost over $75,000,000,000. The process that dermatologists go through every time - checking a handbook and comparing a skin anomaly to a central database - is tedious and inaccessible by many across the globe - that's where skinCAM comes in. With 95% accuracy and 5,000 trained images from DermNetNZ as well as 10 of the most common skin diseases - including melanoma and carcinoma - dermatology comes down to one small cost: $0.


Driving up through Central Valley on a long summer's day, the only thing that could console me was my Spotify playlist. I got bored of manually queueing songs, so I did what any normal human being would: I hit 'Shuffle Playlist.' At one point, I was listening to Rocket Man and then got hit with Rap God, thereby prompting my creation of Smartify, a playlist queue generator that sorts your Spotify playlist by similarity.

Super Hack: San Diego's Premiere High-School Hackathon

San Diego, America's finest city, is faced with an issue. Despite the plethora of educational opportunities and creative minds, students aren't actively encouraged to "make." While theory is in our future, practicality must not be overlooked, and the art of practicality is derived through events such as hackathons. In lieu of this demand, Super Hack was started with one goal and one goal only in mind: create an event revolving around making. Raised $5,500 and over $10,000 in prizes. 400+ registrants on devpost, cancelled due to COVID-19.


Right around 16 when I was added to the developer team behind MySocialHub, I started contributing to a platform that supported over 100,000 users - users that regularly posted content and engaged with YouTube content creators (such as Salomondrin and Daily Driven Exotics). At MySocialHub, I started off as a bug hunter and, as I evolved into the Laravel MVC structure, started contributing to frontend and backend features to the website.


Grabify is an IP logging utility that attracts ~700,000 users every month, and is used very often by the scambaiting community by creators including Pleasant Green and Nullbyte. It has also been featured on MTV's Catfish show thrice. As of the moment, Grabify has over 140,000,000 logs.

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