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In 2013, skin disease diagnosis and treatment costed over $75,000,000,000. The process that dermatologists go through every time - checking a handbook and comparing a skin anomaly to a central database - is tedious and inaccessible by many across the globe - that's where skinCAM comes in. With 95% accuracy and 5,000 trained images from DermNetNZ as well as 10 of the most common skin diseases - including melanoma and carcinoma - dermatology comes down to one small cost: $0.


Driving up through Central Valley on a long summer's day, the only thing that could console me was my Spotify playlist. I got bored of manually queueing songs, so I did what any normal human being would: I hit 'Shuffle Playlist.' At one point, I was listening to Rocket Man and then got hit with Rap God, thereby prompting my creation of Smartify, a playlist queue generator that sorts your Spotify playlist by similarity.


Right around 16 when I was added to the developer team behind MySocialHub, I started contributing to a platform that supported over 100,000 users - users that regularly posted content and engaged with YouTube content creators (such as Salomondrin and Daily Driven Exotics). At MySocialHub, I started off as a bug hunter and, as I evolved into the Laravel MVC structure, started contributing to frontend and backend features to the website.


Grabify is an IP logging utility that garners ~700,000 users every month, and is used very often by the scambaiting community by creators including Pleasant Green and Nullbyte. It has also been featured on MTV's Catfish shiw thrice. I help with frontend development at Grabify as our website moves towards a more material redesign. As of the moment, Grabify has over 90,000,000 logs.

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